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We are discontinuing some various colors. All sales are final.

Is it a dress? Is it a skirt? Is it a shawl?

The Jupe de Vie is the most versatile garment you will ever own.

Women enjoy the playfulness of the Jupe de Vie,

creating a variety of stylish looks.

Perfect For Light-Travel Frequent Fliers.

The clothing can be tweaked to wear to the office, spa, beach and or cocktails in the evening.

Shift the fabric around, tie it, pin it, knot it, wrap it, twist it, in every way imaginable.

Creating Styles That Others Won’t Have.

Made from soft, luxurious blend of natural bamboo rayon,

cotton and spandex, the amazing Jupe de Vie flatters every figure.

Wear the skirt waist folded over ...

Our Designs Are Forgiving,

if your having a bloated day, the Jupe de Vie will cover in all the right places

depending on how you twist and wrap it.

Wear it low on the hips or around the tummy

to give it a double layer ~ extra tuck and support.

Wear it as an elegant black tie dress, a chic tunic over your skinniest jeans,

a curve-hugging mermaid skirt, a halter mini dress-the only limit is your imagination.

Wrinkle –resistant and easy-care, it’s ideal for savvy travelers, too!

Witness the transformations with your own eyes.

Create playful variations and send us a snapshot.

Machine wash cold; line dry or tumble dry (low).

How to "arrange" our garments:

Your Nikki Babie garment is designed to show off what you want to show off,

and to hide what you want to hide.

Many of our garments "arrange" themselves in the perfect

way with our little trick we call it the

"Pull and Pinch":

Grab the fabric at your waist or hips in a pinching motion;

pull it out away from the body - about 2 or 3inches - and then just let it go.

The fabric springs back into place, creating natural shirring

that flatters your waist, hips, thighs, tush - try it! You will love it.

One thing you’re really going to love about our simplistic style is that it will take you

from casual to formal, or even globe-trotting.

Nikki Babie’s Versatile Collection is designed to be multi-functional and easy to w

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