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It’s a true work of art.

Available in Stripe or Solid Color

The Jupe de Fringe was designed after the Jupe de Vie.

A key holiday companion. The Jupe de Fringe is a piece that you can wear a variety of ways.

Timeless and ultra feminine the versatile skirt-dress-wrap-top-poncho will carry

thru to all seasons year around with effortless chic style.

The Jupe de Fringe is the most versatile garment you will ever own,

a timeless classic, with fringe cascades around the hem to create a flattering, feminine shape.

Another key piece for the holiday & travel.

It’s a piece you can wear in multiple ways, at a variety of events.

Made from soft, luxurious blend of natural bamboo rayon, cotton and spandex,

the amazing Jupe de Fringe flatters every figure.

This season-less essential is chic both on and off the beach. Wear it as a dress to a black tie event,

or as a chic fringe tunic over your skinniest jeans, or a curve-hugging skirt,

a fringe mini dress-the only limit is your imagination.

In the evening when you need coverage, slip it poncho style over head,

its perfect for lounging on a deck in all-seasons-year-round.

Simply elegant and charming.

And please don't be intimidated by its stripes.

To our surprise it's most slimming when the diagonal stripes curve around

the waist & hip accentuating your figure but hiding any of the "not-want-to-be-seen-issues".

The diagonal stripes ultimately take away the attention on the middle part of your body,

creating smoother lines, sleek slim fit and flatters in all the right places.

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