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Why You Will Fall In Love With The HipSkirt

Sleek, Sexy, Comfortable, Soft, Versatile, Medium Shaping Control

It's the control you want without discomfort.

Controlled shaping with medium compression so you feel your best.

Slims down the core, hips and rear. Smooths out the lumps & bumps

and at the same time while lifting & shaping the booty, tucking the tummy

and holding it all in place to give the look of a smooth hourglass silhouette.


We use a medium high quality stretch fabric, medium weight

breathable double layer bamboo jersey.

We love this fabric because it lasts, its strong, color does not fade, or shrink

and it withstands abuse.

AND ....

The HipSkirt smooths and shapes the hips, hides & tucks the thighs

and the rear with medium compression.

Achieve the hourglass silhouette.

The new medium weight Bamboo Jersey HipSkirt's are actually lightweight & breathable,

comfortable with moderate support/ compression.

Traveling Somewhere Cold?

The HipSkirt is as versatile as our Jupe de Vie .

Flip the HipSkirt over your head and rest it around your neck it becomes a luxuriously soft scarf.

Keeps you warm in the coldest of weather.

Pull it over tights or jeans and it adds an extra layer of warmth when

the temperatures hit below zero.

How To Wear?

The HipSkirt acts like the perfect visible stylish, fashionable shaper,

worn on the outside visible to the world attempting to hide unwanted flaws.

Wear it over our Bamboo Shaping Tights to give the inner thigh coverage.

Pull it up over your bustline and you have a bandeau top.

Stretch it over your shoulders as a snug shoulder wrap.

Pull it down over the hips, so it sits flat & wear it as a double layer mini skirt

that compresses all the areas in need..

The most amazing part about our HipSkirt is that it cinches on the waist to hide the unwanted.

Its versatile, easy to pack & lightweight, transitions from season to season,

best of all, its wearing fashionable, stylish,shape-wear on the outside.

Bamboo Jersey - Machine Wash - Tumble Dry.

*Please note our products are made in Canada with love

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