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Company: Nikki Babie Designs Inc. 

Country: Canada

Official Website:

Established: 1997 Alberta Canada

Target: Women

Founder: Nicole Babie

Designer: Nikki Babie 


Nikki Babie Designs Inc. designs, manufacture, distribute and retails fashion, jewellelry, accessories and home furnishings.


Nikki Babie encouraged her talents through the teachings of the original design training at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario. This was followed by pattern making courses at Ryerson University Toronto Ontario. Since 1999, Nikki has benefited from guidance and mentorship of Master Cutter & Grader Pattern Maker, Aime Arcand who has generously volunteered and shared a lifetime of technical and creative expertise in fashion development. 


During Nikki’s career, she has opened several Pop Up: Boutiques featuring the Nikki Babie Label. Twice a year, Nikki travels all across Canada, selling her fashions to retail shows. Her designs can be found in every major city in Canada. During the years that she has spent building her business; Nikki’s top priority was to learn all sides of the Fashion Business from Design to Factory: Grading, Marking, Cutting and Designing, to the construction. She has fine tuned the art of owning and operating her business establishment by selling directly to the public and learning about the world of retail and all that it entails. Nikki is quite business oriented, as she understands the view coming from the designer’s side, the retailer’s side of the business, as well as the customers’ needs for fashion.


Nikki’s professional entourage engages every challenge with dedication, excitement, experience, efficiency and personal touch! Her team produces the highest levels of service and solution which results in the team being very satisfied with the outcome of the product.



Our fabric is a soft, luxurious blend of bamboo rayon (66%), cotton (28%) and spandex (6%) for stretch. We love bamboo rayon because bamboo trees are fully sustainable, regrow in 55 days, require no pesticides, require little irrigation, and bamboo is biodegradable. Rayon made from bamboo has a lovely natural luster; drapes and lies beautifully; is soft and luxurious to the touch; is machine washable and dryable; is pill-resistant, is colorfast, and is extremely strong and durable.


Fabric care:

Machine wash cold; line dry or tumble- dry (low).


For Travelers: 

Hang up your garment on arrival; any creases quickly fall out; or hang garment in the bathroom while you shower for instant wrinkle removal. Any of our garments are easily hand-washed; just hang over the towel bar to dry.


How to “arrange” our garments:

Your Nikki Babie garment is designed to show off what you want to show off, and hide what you want to hide. Many of our garments “arrange” themselves in the perfect way with our little trick - we call it the “pull and pinch”: Grab the fabric at your waist or hips in a pinching motion; pull it out away from the body - about 2 or 3 inches - and then just let it go. The fabric springs back into place, creating natural shirring that flatters your waist, hips, thighs, tush - try it! You will love it.

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